Rockhouse to Trigger Gap (7.7)

One of our most popular floats on the Kings, the majority of this quiet stretch of river runs through land owned by The Arkansas Nature Conservancy. You will find plenty of gravel bars and deep swimming holes to relax by, as well as some notable rock features.

This scenic 8 mile stretch takes an average 5-6 hours, which is dependent on water levels and the pace of each individual paddler.   

Trigger Gap to McMullen Farm (4.7)

Another popular day float, this stretch of river carries you through gentle snake-like curves. A part of the trophy section, floating to McMullen Farm is a great choice for fishermen looking to catch some small mouth bass. 

This 5 mile float takes an average 3-4 hours, dependent on water levels as well as the pace of each individual paddler. 

Preparing For Your Day Float

Even though the Kings is a Class I river, great for kids and beginners, it is still a wild river. Click on the links below to read about how to be safety and legally fully prepared for you trip down river. Never underestimate the wilderness or the power of moving water. 

Floating with Kids                                      It is our policy at Kings River Outfitters that Children be 6 years and older and know how to swim in order for us to put them on the water.                       

  • It is our suggestion that you should already have floated the section of river before you take children on it.

  • We also suggest that you have one adult per child on the float trip.

  • It is The Law that any child under the age of 12 must wear their PFD at all times when floating the river.

  • Having their own perfectly fitted type 3 PFD is also recommended.


*You alone can determine your experience level and whether or not you should take your child on the river. You are responsible for the lives of any children you bring into the wilderness.*

Overnight Floats

Whether you are planning an overnight adventure or multi-day endeavor the Kings River offers a scenic gravel bar around every bend. Overnight and Multi-day float trips on the Kings River can make memories that last a lifetime. Planning a multi-day float requires a higher skill level and a larger degree of preparation. 

Click here to learn more about Kings River Camping >                                                       Also checkout our Multi-day Checklist > 

Trigger Gap to 62 (12.9)

The float from Trigger Gap to the 62 Bridge is considered the trophy section. Perfect for the fisherman looking for their next big catch. Any small mouth caught must be over 18'' in order to keep. 

For more information on Fishing the Kings >

Marshall Ford to Rockhouse (15.7)

The float from Marshall Ford to Rockhouse is full of beautiful bluffs. This 16 mile float will take you through breathtaking scenery far from any man made development. Because of the distance between access points, the Marshall Ford float is ideal for the floater looking for a more private time. 

*For more floating options check out our Kings River Access Points Map and feel free to give us a call at (479)253-8954 for more up-to-date information. 


Floating during the off-season can be an adventure. Bald eagles roost on the Kings during the winter. The eagles usually arrive in November and can stay until April. Give us a call at (479)253-8954 to see what we can set up for you.