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Bald Eagles

Eagles top all other avian attractions on the Kings. Bald Eagles roost during the winters in the trees along its banks. We have personally sighted as many as 123 eagles along a 7 mile stretch of the river during a 4 hour float. The eagles usually arrive in November and sometimes stay until April. In recent years, groups have organized annual events to brave the cold waters and witness these majestic creatures in their winter habitat.

Arkansas Democrate-Gazette / Northwest Arkansas News

Annual Icicles and Eagles trips on the Kings American Bald Eagle Information Birding Events and Projects
Arkansas Democrate-Gazette / Northwest Arkansas News
You can participate in bird-watching events and projects or organize one of your own. We provide services for local Audubon Society events and we can assist you or your organization in planning and organizing a bird-watching float on the Kings. The International Migratory Bird Day occurs on the second Saturday in May every year as an invitation to celebrate and support migratory bird conservation. Perhaps you could plan an IMBD event. An additional way for you to participate in a project involves the eBird project. The eBird website allows you to enter your observation data online and then gather summary information from data entered by bird-watchers all over North America. You might also enjoy participating in the Audubon Society annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) which runs from the 14th of December through the 5th of January every year. Checklists

The Kings River hosts many species of birds throughout the year. The Arkansas Audubon Society Field Checklist includes 389 different species known to have occurred in the state. The Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center of the United States Geological Survey has prepared a checklist of over 200 bird species that spend at least some part of the year on the nearby Buffalo National River. You should expect to find many of those same species on the Kings River.

Bird songs and calls

If you need help identifying a species, you can look online for identifying information including pictures of the birds and audio clips of their songs.

Birding Organizations

Several associations and societies have formed to help conserve birds, bird habitats and other wildlife.

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